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Who We Are

Our doctors come to you! We bring URGENT CARE to patients in their home, hotel or workplace throughout San Francisco & the Bay Area. No waiting rooms required. No appointment needed.  Established in 2007 by veteran emergency physician Dr. John Horning, Urgent Med Housecalls was envisioned as an ideal option to fulfill the need of many patients for a kinder, gentler, more convenient urgent care option for patients.  Throughout his years of hospital emergency medicine practice, Dr. Horning observed many patients suffer needlessly while waiting for their care in the ER’s. Waiting rooms are rarely designed with patient’s comfort in mind. Communication with patients in most ER’s regarding when they will be seen is often poor. Unruly and inconsiderate behavior by other persons in the waiting room is commonplace. Most emergency rooms are minimally child friendly, and parents or guardians must be hyper vigilant to protect their children. Patients in pain, or experiencing symptoms such as nausea or worse, must often endure prolonged wait-a-thons while more seriously ill or injured patients are cared for first. Finally, patients want, more than ever before, to avoid unnecessary exposure to infectious disease, especially to the “superbugs” or antibiotic resistant bacteria that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the general population.  Dr. Horning now presents the most convenient urgent care option available to the San Francisco Bay Area: Urgent Med Housecalls